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Below is how we help

1) Awakening the spirit of social equity, equality, fraternity and national integration among people by mobilizing the common masses.

2) Felicitation of common citizen for performing glorious performance in the field of social, educational, cultural, arts and sports.

 3) To available the poor student the various facilities of education such as nursery, kindergarten, primary & secondary schools, highschools, medical- engineering colleges, disabled's & blind's schools, bording highschools, independent hostels for girls & boys,widowhood and orphonages etc. for the promotion of education.

4) To help the needy students by providing books, uniforms, school bags and scholarship.

5) To encourage the scholar and meritorious students by awarding them.

6) To promote computer education.

7) To introduce the technical training classes to ensure the importance of technical education to the youth.

8) To provide training of embroidery, weaving etc. to thise women which are poor, needy & educated unemployed.

9) To give the information about small and large scale indusries and business Such as poultry farming, cottage industries, silk production, honeybee production, etc.

10) To carry out the campaign in public places to ensure the importance of cleanliness in neighborhood.

11) To eradicate the basic problems of the citizens by organising discussion sessions, seminars, etc.

12) To guide the people about welfare schemes through the government's khadi village industries commission.

13) To help the earthquake and drought affected people.

14) To provide medical assistance & ambulance facilities to patients.

15) To establish the clinics for cancer, TB, AIDS, etc.

16) To organise campaigns for blood donation and eye donation.

17)  To encourage youth to participate in sports related events , camps, competitions to develope the interest in youths.

18)  To help in social welfare, public interest, understanding and doing all the work of public utility.

19) To make people aware of our national festivals, our great freedom fighters their birth and death anniversaries and other public celebrations through providing books and other medium.

20) To help in establishing and running the gymnasium, public library, etc to improve the educational, social, ciltural & intellectual level of the public, by creating mutual affection and unity among all the common people through progress tools.!

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