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" The Time Has Come To Save Humanity With The Jan Sahyog Foundation!!! "

' Jan Sahyog Foundation is one of our honest efforts to move in above direction. '

Jan Sahyog Foundation is people's cooperation and the process of groups of organizations working together for noble cause and upliftment of society, as opposed to working in competition for selfish benefit and components of a system work together to achieve the global properties. Human is the social animal, while living in society we have some moral & ethical responsibility. To uplift deprived part of our society.
As a human...
Its our duty to be kind to needy people deprived section of our society.
So it is a time to forget all the dilemmas and get together for the betterment of our society & our people.

Jan Sahyog Foundation is one of our honest efforts to move in above direction.

Our Vision

To provide education to poor & needy student the various facilities of education such as nursery, kindergarden, primary & secondary schools, highschools, medical-engineering colleges, disabled's & blind's schools bording highschools, independent hostels for girls & boys, widowhood and orphonages etc. for the promotion of education. 

Our Mission

Awakening the spirit of social equity, equality, fraternity and national integration among people by mobilizing the common masses. 

Our Dream

Help everyone to stand on their feet and make them educated in all areas. Help young people to come up with something new in order to help them get settled.

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